Fly Screens

Victoria Fly Screens has been in the business of providing fly screens for many years and we offer a variety of flyscreens that will not only prevent all insects from getting inside but complement the look of your home as well.

Our range of fly screens is functional and stylish and they will not block the view of the outside world. We offer modern and affordable fly screens as fully installed solutions and can also custom make them for your convenience.

Apart from regular fixed configurations, we also have retractable insect screens for difficult to screen door and window openings, such as bi-fold doors, tilt and turn windows, casement windows and more.

Once you have a fly screen installed in your home,you can have the windows or doors open to allow the fresh breeze in while keeping the annoying insects at bay. In most cases, you can say goodbye to all insect repellents one you opt for one of our fly screen solutions.

This is because all our fly screens are made from high grade fly screen mesh material that come with fine holes to block out insects while allowing air to naturally pass through.

Our selections of fly screens are also tough enough to withstand strong gusts of wind and will remain firmly in place barring a freak storm.

Apart from protecting your home against insects, you can also stand to save on your energy costs in the warmer months as you can leave your doors open to allow the cool breeze to ventilate your home.

Our fly screens will also lend an aesthetic value to your home and are available in stylish aluminium frames that can be powder coated to match the interior of your home.

Contact us today for the highest grade fly screens in Melbourne and you won’t be disappointed with our selection and customer service.