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Our Services


We are happy to manufacture screens or doors to sizes and specifications provided to us, either for collection from us, or, for an additional fee, delivery to your site.


  • Cuts down the lead time between order and delivery, by eliminating the need for us to schedule a site measure before manufacture.
  • Lower cost to you, because we don’t need to cover the cost of getting there and spending the time to measure.
  • The sizes, specifications, method of attaching and so on will all be to your preferences.


  • You take the risk on sizes and colour rather than us. If we’ve manufactured to the sizes you’ve provided, but you’ve made a mistake on the size, then you will absorb the cost of reworking the product to be the correct size.


Let us do all of the work. Let us know what it is you need and we’ll take care of the rest. Slightly higher cost than the other options.


  • No fuss.
  • We take all of the risk on getting sizes and colours correct.
  • Our team specialise in this work, leading to a top quality result for you or your client.



  • Longer lead time because we need to schedule an on-site measure, manufacturing and an install.
  • Slightly more cost than the other options


Rewire / Remesh Security Doors and Flyscreens with your choice of mesh Replace Door Locks Fit Limited Vision Mesh to existing Security Doors

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